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🙌 About us

Since we started back in 2015, we have been a company dedicated to helping people live better. Our mission is to use technology, at scale, to help people around the world be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled in their everyday lives.

🌎 Who are we?

The team behind LiveBetter is small, but diverse in backgrounds and in location. We’re a 7-person virtual company with people in New York, Colorado, Switzerland, Spain, and the Caribbean. Our backgrounds range from public health, social work, and psychology to architecture, online advertising, comedy, and human rights. We all share one goal … to help you live better.

☀️ What do we care about?

Our values are clear. First and foremost, our aim is to help—and that means driving real results. Many solutions out there have a primary focus of making money or driving engagement, and while those are often correlated, they are not always 100% aligned with what helps you the most. Thus, everything we do has a foundation in research and we measure the impact of every piece of content we put in the app.

Second, we value your privacy. As a LiveBetter user, you have complete control over all your information and data in the app, and none of it ever leaves our virtual company walls. In fact, there’s an orange “DELETE” button under your profile, and when pushed, it automatically erases your account and every piece of data we have about you.

Third, we like to keep it fun and lighthearted. We believe a little dose of humor always helps, so we try to weave it in wherever we can. This fun permeates how we work every day and hopefully, what you see in your interactions with Lia & Liam in the app as well!

❤️ Oh, and we’ll soon officially be a non-profit!

To be fully aligned with our values, we started the process to convert our LLC to a non-profit corporation. We are not 501(3)(c) approved yet by the IRS as a public benefit corporation, but hope to be by the end of 2019! You can read a little more about our reasoning for that in this post on Medium by our founder.

💬 And we love hearing from you!

We hope you are enjoying your LiveBetter experience, and would love to hear from you. You can reach us by email at or find us on Instagram @livebetterapp.