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🔏 Privacy

You’re probably reading this page because privacy is something that’s important to you, and you are wondering what happens to all the conversations you might have with Lia & Liam and the challenge activities you complete. You can rest assured we treat your privacy very seriously.

Our lawyers are forcing us to say that you have to read our full legal terms & conditions found here, but below we lay out in plain English what we collect and exactly what we do with it! 🙌

What don’t we do with your data?

First things first,we deeply value and respect your privacy and never sell or share your data with any third parties. Your data remains within the LiveBetter (virtual) company walls. We don’t do advertising, and we don’t sell your data or use it for any nefarious purposes. Your data is solely used to provide LiveBetter to you and to make LiveBetter, well, better.

Who controls your data?

YOU do. 💪 You can delete any and all information we have about you at any time. In the app, under “History,” you can delete specific activities or all with a few taps. If you choose to stop using LiveBetter, under “Profile,” you can delete your account. When you do that, we delete every single snippet of data that we have about you. Your data is immediately removed from our live database and slowly wiped from all of our backups over the coming weeks. Of course, if you decide to do that, we would miss you! 😢

What data do we collect?

The vast majority of data we collect is everything you see in the app. In addition to what you see...

  • We send events to a third party analytics tool, Mixpanel, when you do various things in the app (e.g., complete an activity or chat with Liam). Mixpanel gives us aggregated reporting that allows us to better understand how our customers are using LiveBetter.
  • We use Google Analytics on this website to give us a sense of how many people are visiting the site and where they are coming from.
  • We store server logs of all inbound requests, which include your IP address. These logs are automatically flushed periodically.

What do we do with this data?

  • First, all data internally is stripped of individual identifiers (name/email) and is instead given an anonymizing code name (e.g., “Purple Kangaroo #14578”).
  • We monitor all text you write for specific phrases and keywords related to crisis situations. If what you write matches those phrases they are flagged and one of our team member manually reviews your account to determine suicide risk. As we are not qualified to deal with crisis situations, we want to direct you to a place that is.
  • Our content development team regularly reviews responses to specific activities and conversations to make sure that they are effective and helpful. They use our internal management tools and simply see all the individual responses to a question/activity, without identifiers.
  • We do aggregated statistical analysis on activity, chat, and check-in data to (a) ensure that we are actually boosting our customer’s well-being and (b) identify which of our content is the most effective and helpful.
  • If you provided us with your email, the event data in Mixpanel is used to determine which email to send you, and when. For example, if it’s been a month since you’ve completed a challenge, you might receive a motivational email to nudge you to start a new one.
  • If you joined LiveBetter through one of our research studies and you signed a separate consent form explicitly granting us the permission to do so, then some of your data will be shared with the appropriate academic researcher for the sole purposes of completing the study.

I have questions...

Send us an email at and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have!